The Portrait Investment

Nicki Evans Photography is available Monday through Saturday for portrait sessions. Weekday sessions require are $350 ($100 retainer fee and a minimum portrait purchase of $250) and weekend sessions require a $550 ($250 retainer fee and a minimum portrait purchase of $300). Most clients spend around $750. Wedding photography starts at $1150, but most clients spend around $2500.

When booking your portrait session, consider how you'd like to display your portraits. Whether it be wall art displayed prominently above the mantle or a custom portrait album on your coffee table, Nicki Evans Photography provides quality artwork and custom portrait displays that will be cherished indefinitely. Nicki Evans Photography offers four lines of portrait pieces: wall art, albums/books, gift portraits and custom cards.

Nicki Evans Photography believes in the power of the's ability to capture moments, tell stories, preserve memories of those who are no longer with us. Portraits are meant to be passed down from generation to generation. With technology ever-changing, digital images may not stand the test of time like a portrait printed on canvas or an archival album, therefore the purchase of digital images is not encouraged. For those who do need digital images, they are sold two ways: individually at $125 per image or 20-50 slightly edited images on a custom USB drive for $1500. These images are high resolution, with a limited print release. For use in social media, low resolution digital images can be earned with certain portrait purchases.

Tax will be added to all sessions and prints/portrait products sold.

For more information on booking a portrait session, or for details on pricing, please contact Nicki at 409-267-1032 or

COMMERCIAL/EDITORIAL PHOTOGRAPHY: For information on booking commercial or editorial photography, visit and/or contact Nicki at 409-267-1032 or Samples of commercial and editorial work can viewed at the aforementioned website.