Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book my portrait session?
• Call me at 409-267-1032 or email me at We will schedule will chat about what you have in mind for your portrait session and how you plan to display your finished portraits. Once a date and time are set, you will be mailed a contract and are expected to return that contract with a retainer fee to hold your session date/time.

When are you open for business?
• All portrait sessions and client meetings are by appointment only, and these appointments happen throughout the day Monday through Thursday and Friday morning. I take a few Saturday morning portrait sessions, but no meetings. Friday and Saturday evenings are reserved for event photography and weddings only.  I do take Sunday weddings, but no other appointments on Sunday.

Do you sell digital images?
• I believe in the power of the's ability to capture moments, tell stories, preserve memories of those who are no long with us. Portraits are meant to be passed down from generation to generation. With technology ever-changing, digital images won't stand the test of time, like a portrait printed on canvas or an archival album, therefore the sell of digital images is discouraged. For those who do need digital images, they are sold two ways: individually at $125 per image or 20-50 cropped and color-corrrected images on a custom USB drive for $1500. These images are high resolution, with a limited print release. For use in social media, low resolution digital images can be earned with certain portrait purchases. You can request a 4X6 digital copy of anything you purchase in an 8X10 or larger print. Or, you can get free 4X6 digital images of any portrait used in an album that you purchase.

Do you shoot weddings?
• Yes! Pricing for weddings starts at $1150 plus tax, but average wedding prices are around $2500. 
Call me at 409-267-1032 or email me at for pricing. To view samples of wedding photography, visit these blogs: Weddings
Are you available for executive portraits or commercial photography?
• I am available for all types of portrait and photography work. 
Samples of my commercial and editorial work can be seen here. Call me at 409-267-1032 or email me at for a quote on whatever photography services you are needing. 
Will you shoot my event for free?
• Although I'd love to help out every non-profit and charity that calls, it's just not possible. I've selected a few organizations that are near-and-dear to my heart, so those are currently the only ones I donate my time to at no cost. If you're looking for a way to fit my photography into your budget, I suggest seeing if a sponsor will cover the cost. If you're already collecting sponsorships for tables and such, adding one more is usually doable. And if you can find a photography sponsor, I do offer an hourly discount for non-profit events.
What do I wear for my portrait session?
• This blog has a lot of details and suggestions about what to wear. But, in a nutshell, try not to wear anything super trendy (unless its for senior portraits), all white, neon or fluorescent colors, horizontal stripes, busy patterns, graphic Ts or shirts with large words, or anything sleeveless. Do wear simple, classic outfits, coordinating colors and clothing that accentuates your body.

Where will we take portraits?
• We can take portraits at a variety of places. Local parks are probably where most of my portraits are made. But, we want the portraits to tell your story and show who you are. So, if you have a nice home out in the country or boat at the local yacht club, I am always open to new places as long as I find the lighting to be sufficient and the backdrop or surrounding setting complimentary to the portraits.