Facebook Offer


Thank you for selecting Nicki Evans Photography as your photographer!


Please read the instructions below before claiming your Facebook offer. Then, to pay for and claim your Facebook offer, click the link below:


This offer is good for an outdoor weekday portrait session within 30 miles of zip code 77084 only. The location can be mutually agreed upon by the photographer and client.

The price will include $350 (including tax) worth of prints and/or portrait products. This is a special offer, as normally a weekday session is a $100 retainer fee and $250 print credit plus tax. The special pricing will only be guaranteed through March 2015. After that, the $350 will be applied toward standard Nicki Evans Photography pricing at that time.

If you'd like to contact Nicki about availability, types of portraits, or to view a full price list before claiming your offer, please call Nicki at 409-267-1032 or email her at Nevansphotos@gmail.com. Please see the FAQ page for questions, as well: FAQs

As soon as your offer has been paid for, Nicki Evans Photography will be in contact to schedule your portrait session. Once a date and time are decided, Nicki will email or mail you a contract. This contract should be signed and returned within a week to hold your session. If the contract is not returned within a week, you will be returned $340 via PayPal. The remaining $10 will be held by Nicki Evans Photography to cover the transaction fees.