If Superman were a cowboy - Children's portraits in Chambers County

January 02, 2018  •  1 Comment

Children's portraits in Chambers County--

If Superman were a cowboy, he'd look just like this little man.

If Superman doesn't want too much attention for his incredible superhero powers, he goes in disguise with Wranglers and boots...the perfect outfit to "hide in plain sight" in Southeast Texas.


But when Superman is ready to save the day...BAM! He reveals his true identity!

Meet Tance...the tiny and adorable superhero that I had the chance to photograph just before Christmas. He toughed it out for a few minutes in his button-up shirt, all tucked in like quite the little man. But I think he had a little more fun once he got to put the "S" on his chest. We played in the leaves, and he told me about all of his favorite superheroes.


We attempted to fly like Superman, and we looked for creatures in the woods. 

I think Tance's favorite part of his portrait session was picking up sticks though to take home for a fire. He had racked up quite the collection by the time we had finished. 


Hope you enjoyed meeting Superman, A.K.A. Tance. I sure enjoyed meeting him and getting to photograph him. 


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Nice thoughts.I am agree with you.But unfortunately the superman is not a cow boy.yet definitely this boy is looking like superman
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