Location! Location! Location! - Christmas portraits at the beach

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Let's go to the beach, beach. Let's get away...

There are a lot of elements that going into the making of a great portrait. You know the saying about location? If not, it's an easy one to remember... "Location, location, location." :) The key here is that location is one of those elements that can help create the perfect feel or look for your portraits. 

Chelsea and Alex live in Galveston and spend lots of time on the beach, so it was only fitting that we made their portraits at the beach with their newest family member, Krash. Not only is Galveston fitting to their lifestyle, but the location near Pleasure Pier adds some nice color in the backdrop and the area allows for a variety of looks without walking too far.

Of course, an added bonus is the amazing sunsets offered when you have a clear view of the horizon. If you don't mind sticking around a little later for a set of sunset or twilight portraits, then you can add a completely different look to your portrait sessions. The last few photos in this engagement session are a good example of twilight portraits. 

When you are ready to book your next portrait session, whether you're a couple, family or an executive looking for something a bit different, keep the location in mind. Choose a location that fits your personality or brings back great memories for your family. And email nicki@nevansphotos.com to set up those portraits.


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