Photos + emotions = Emotos

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Not too long ago, if you wanted to smile in a text message or email, you typed a colon and closed parenthesis, like this :) Then emojis came along and advanced things quite a bit with colorful little smiley faces, hand signs, creatures and more. And now there are Bitmojis and probably a plethora more of customizable cartoons to portray your emotions via text, Snapchat or various social media platforms.

So along with emojis, I threw in a bit of Andy Warhol and The Brady Bunch to create a series of portraits that show emotions and/or the various faces we make...Emotos. 

Emotos are perfect for capturing the personality of your high school senior! They could make a fun piece of wall art or add a couple of colorful pages to your coffee table album or portrait book. When booking senior portraits for the upcoming Class of 2017, make sure to ask about adding Emotos to your portrait session. Or, if you book the #NEPStyleSesh, it will be included with the cost...along with hair and makeup. Could it get any better than that? Stay tuned for more about the #NEPStyleSesh in future blogs.

Seniors and Parents: Don't forget that booking senior portraits in the fall is much easier than waiting until springtime, so call or email soon...409-267-1032,

Hair by Styled by Kelsey V
Makeup by Beauty by Jehan Said


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