A little country boy - One year portraits in Anahuac

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One year portraits in Anahuac--

One of my favorite blonde hair and blue eyed little boy turned one in February. Happy belated birthday Jon Brooks! His family also built a new house this year. With that combination, it was the perfect time to schedule one year portraits and family portraits. 

You might remember him from his newborn session with alligators... Are your eyes wide open yet? You know you want to click the link to find out if I was crazy enough to photograph a newborn with a gator.

For this portrait session, there were no gators. But we had tractors and cowboy boots, books, a dog named Tex and a washtub full of bubbles. That's what little boy dreams are made of, right? 

On top of all those fun props, we had the main feature...a happy baby boy, a sweet couple...Jon Mark and Callie, and a beautiful country setting with warm afternoon light. With all of that goodness, you can't go wrong. Enjoy these portraits to commemorate Jon Brooks' first birthday.

Tex was a good sport. He tagged along for out photo adventure and made sure to help Jon Brooks smile. He especially loved when I pulled out my squeaky toys (that I use to get kids' attention). They were actually dog toys, so he really wanted to play with them. Not the first time a dog has stolen my squeaky toys.

Since Callie and Jon Mark had a new home, Callie had left the perfect spot on a living room wall for a Modern Art piece (canvas print) from this session. When I set this up, I knew it would be the perfect portrait for that spot...beautiful family and beautiful setting.

Jon Brooks began getting a little tired of all the posed family portraits, so it was time for a little fun for him. Mom drew a bubble bath in an old washtub, and he was happy as could be. He splish-splashed and made funny faces. I think he would've stayed there for hours if they had let him.  

Hope you enjoyed Jon Brooks' birthday portraits. Keep Nicki Evans Photography in mind for your next family portrait session, baby birthday party or event.

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