Watch the wind blow by - Kiteboarding at the Texas City Dike

February 12, 2016  •  2 Comments

Kiteboarding at the Texas City Dike--

For the most part, most of the posts on this blog revolves around my photography business. But occasionally, I like to share photos from one of our adventures. Because to me, half of the adventure is capturing our memories in camera. 

A while back Roddy became interested in kiteboarding. He took his first lesson about three years ago, but really hasn't had a chance to fully pursue this hobby until recently. Within the past year, he's begun collecting the necessary equipment and was able to take a second lesson on our trip to Antigua in July.

Then, the first weekend in February, it was gorgeous (sunny and 70 for those non-Houstonians) outside. We decided to take full advantage of the weather and enjoy all the sun we could get. On Saturday, we took my old boat Geronimo for a ride on the river. Then on Sunday after church, we headed south to the Texas City Dike so Roddy could strap on his board and fly his kite. 

The wind was a bit gusty, so it wasn't the perfect condition. But Roddy still had a chance to brush up on his kiteboarding skills for a couple of hours, and I got to document the day and enjoy a nice afternoon outside with my best guy. 

Kiteboarding requires a lot of prep work. I think you get your work out on even before you get to play. 

This one was my favorite photo. I'm a lucky girl ;)

Time to ride!

And he's off. Whoever decided that you could ride a board while attached to a kite must be a pretty cool dude (or gal).

Next time, we'll have to choose a day when we have a little more daylight to burn. Come on summer and late sunsets :)

While Roddy packed up his gear, I check out this giant arrow art installation and enjoyed the easy silhouettes created by the sunset's relativity to the dike.

After packing up, Roddy got out his "little" kite (about 2 meters wide and big enough to drag me) to play for a little before daylight slipped away.

Since I'm always the one photographing our adventures, I have to get myself in a photo or two. It's a lot harder to take a selfie with a 5 pound camera than an iPhone.

Hope you enjoyed another one of our adventures. I'd love to photograph yours!

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wow - I've never even heard of this! What a cool concept!
Wow! I have never heard of the term Kiteboarding until now. That looks like a lot of work but also looks like a ton of fun. Are the kites really heavy?
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