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Award winning Houston photographer--

On Feb. 23, I was checking my email as I do many times a day. And quite to my surprise, there was an email from Two Bright Lights with "Congratulations" in the subject line.

"Wait, me? Congratulations? No way!" - That's what I was thinking. But yes, I won an award! Yea!! 

Two Bright Lights named Nicki Evans Photography as one of the 2016 Editor's Choice Award Winners. The award is a celebration of Two Bright Lights members whose number of published features in 2015 put them among the top 5% of the community. By the way, that community includes about 16,000 photographers. 

It's truly an honor to be recognized in the same category as so many other talented photographers and creative professionals. Over the past year and since joining Two Bright Lights, my features have helped increase exposure of my work as well as given my amazing clients a few minutes of fame. I'm super excited to receive this award and know that hard work pays off.

In 2015, I had the privilege of being published (sometimes multiple times) in #TTF Mag, Boundary Stone Baby, Home Confetti, The Frosted Petticoat, Swan So Sweet, Senior Study Hall and Pretty Perfect Living

Below are a few favorite images that were featured in some of these publications.

Thanks to Two Bright Lights for the award and to all of the other creative professionals who made these features possible!

To have an award-winning photograph you or your family, contact me (Nicki) at 409-267-1032 or nevansphotos@gmail.com.

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