The view from here - the importance of perspective

September 24, 2015  •  2 Comments

The importance of perspective--

In the day of constant bombardment of others people's lives via all matters of social media, it's hard not to compare our lives to others. You see a family's vacation photos and wish you were there. Maybe you see someone doing really exciting things at their job and you wish you had a different career. 

Theodore Roosevelt once said, "Comparison is the thief of joy," and I believe it. I think it's hard not to get caught up in comparing lives with those around you, especially when it's blasted at you every day, no matter where you go or look. 

On the other hand, sometimes comparison can make you see just how good you really have it. Maybe your job isn't so fun today...but you do have a job and a paycheck, right? Be thankful for that and embrace it. Maybe your vehicle is just something simple and affordable, and you wish you had something a little more stylish. Does it has a working AC and get you from point A to B? That's awesome! Enjoy that cool air.

It's all about perspective.

That word, perspective, is a word I've heard all my life, and it's something you also learn about in photography. It plays a big role in photography actually. Sometimes when you aren't getting the shot you're hoping for, you can change your perspective and the shot changes completely. You move a couple steps to the left or right or turn and face the opposite way and everything changes. 

But perspective really became a big word in my vocabulary about 5 years ago. Roddy had proposed to me in April, and I was excited to plan our wedding and start our married life together. In June, as I was starting to build my photography business, I went to a workshop at a hotel near Intercontinental Airport. It was a business basics class hosted by the Professional Photographers of America. The first day was packed full of information, and I was ready to put it all to use. I stopped for a chocolate milk shake at Jack in the Box on the way home as a treat after a long day (I have no idea why I remember that part.) Then I got home and my world fell apart. My dad told me he had cancer...the most scary and horrible six letter word in the dictionary. It was the worst day of my life up to that point (only second now to tragically losing my 18-year-old cousin in a car wreck in February).

All of the sudden my perspective changed. My wedding wasn't near as important. The marriage to my future husband was, of course, still very important. But all I wanted at that moment was for my dad to be healed. Nothing was more important to me than for that cancer to be gone. By the grace of God, my dad is cancer free today! It's something I say a prayer of thanks for every day.

Take a look around and see how many ways your lives are truly blessed. It may not be the best day of your life, but it could be far worse. It's all about the way you look at things.

I didn't start this blog out with the intention to get up on a soap box. I just planned to share a few photos to let you know what "the view from here" looks like to me. Roddy and I may not be exactly where we planned to be or have accomplished all we have wanted to, but we have a loving family, good friends, jobs that we enjoy, and our three puppy dogs. Occasionally we get to sit back and enjoy a day off with the sun shining, some food on the grill and a game of fetch with our dogs in the backyard. I don't know about you, but for me, "the view from here" looks pretty good.

To hear a few more perspectives on "the view from here," follow this blog circle...Jessica of Samarie-Lei Photography is up next. She's an incredible photographer with a beautiful approach to storytelling images. 


Thank you for sharing this! I love the photos. I have recently gone through some terrible, life-changing events and it's so hard to stay positive. I came across a post about not letting fear control your life and it really has helped me. You can find it here: Keep your head up!
Alina Thomas(non-registered)
I completely agree with you. Sometimes we just need a shift in our perspective to realize how blessed we are!
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