A day at the beach - Real estate photography at Galveston-area beach

August 13, 2015  •  1 Comment

Real estate photography at Galveston-area beach--

If you ever need an escape from Houston traffic, just head south down 45 to Galveston, hop on the ferry over the Bolivar Peninsula and you could be here. Need I say any more?

Not too long after moving to Lufkin (in 2011), I started a temp job at Century 21. I just needed a little side job to get me going as I was starting to grow my portrait business. My bosses and the owners of Century 21 Bryan Realty were two great people to work for, and luckily I've been able to stay in touch with them after moving to Houston. 

During Hurricane Ike, the Bryans lost their original beach house in Crystal Beach (on Bolivar Peninsula near Galveston). While I was working at their real estate office, they were building their second beach house, Captain Morgan II. Once I moved to Houston, they contacted me and asked if I could photograph that house for their rental site. You may remember the photos from the blog posted last summer

This summer, the Bryans completed their third beach house, Lt. Dan. Again, I had the privilege of photographing this beautiful house. Each room in the house in styled beautifully from the furniture to the fixtures and decor. The whole house has a beach theme, of course, but no two rooms are alike, with each having its own color scheme and style. 

As soon as you drive up to the house, you know this is going to be a pretty incredible place to relax and have a good time. After parking under the house, you immediately spot a little Tiki bar, bench porch swing, two individual swings, and if you look closely, a hidden little lounge area that any kid would want to claim as a fort. There's also an outdoor shower, places to rinse the sand from your feet and a portable grill. And that's only downstairs.

Upstairs, you walk in and just don't want to leave. I love the subtle touches of aqua, light blue and turquoise...all the colors of the ocean...in the living room and kitchen. The hardwood floors are beautiful, the furniture is inviting and the kitchen is sleek and stylish. Each of the three bedrooms and two bathrooms are equally as wonderful. 

Obviously, this is the perfect place for a beach getaway for your family and friends. And if you aren't convinced yet, I think the photographs will tell the rest of the story.

Check out that previous blog post from the Captain Morgan II house for the backstory on that beautiful photograph on the wall ;) I might have had a hand in bringing it to fruition (from a tattered old 4X6 print).

If you want to book this beach house, visit Home Away to see date availability. (Editor's note: I get no kick backs from referring you to this beach house. I just love it so much that I thought I'd do you a favor and pass along the information.)

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Trudy L. Wilson(non-registered)
Niki, your photos are as beautiful as this beach house is wonderful! Just wish we lived close enough to take advantage of some of these things. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing!
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