A visitor of the hairy and bearded variety - Lifestyle portraits of a pet

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Lifestyle portraits of a pet--

If someone told you they had a hairy, bearded little lady staying at their house, it might freak you out a bit. All worries are set aside though, when you realize that the fur baby is actually a schnauzer. And luckily for Schnapps, beards are common on ladies of the schnauzer variety, so she doesn't get picked on too much for her facial hair. 

A few weeks back my friend and University of Houston co-worker Carolyn had to go out of town. Since I love dogs and she needed a place for Schnapps to stay, I volunteered to pet sit. I mean, how could anyone turn down this sweet face?

Schnapps arrival at my home was a little traumatizing for her, so she was quite skiddish at first. You see, she got sick the day I was going to pick her up, and therefore had to spend her first day away from mom at the vet. Then a stranger (me) picked her up from the vet, where she rode in a new vehicle and probably had her first experience with rush hour on the Katy freeway (traumatizing to anyone). The whole ride she was glued to me, but refused to look at me, like "Save me! I need to snuggle :( But I don't know you, so don't look at me either."

After surviving traffic, we got settled in at home. Schnapps decided the living room on a beach towel was the only safe zone and never ventured much further, other than to occasionally look around the corner to see where I went.

After Schnapps realized I'm a dog-lover and like to snuggle, she began to feel a little more comfortable and started playing a bit. We tried to play ball a bit, but I think she enjoyed chewing on the ball more than actually fetching.

Tug-o-war was more her style of playing.
All-in-all, it was a good weekend with my new furry friend.
After the initial shock of a whole new life (for a few days), Schnapps realized everything was going to be alright, so it was all fun and games, sunshine and blue skies after that.


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