Prom dresses and old trucks - Anahuac senior portrait session

April 15, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Anahuac senior portrait session--

What do you get when you cross a prom dress and an old truck? An incredible senior portrait session.

Macy is a big-truck driving, outdoor-loving girl who is just as fun and sweet as she is beautiful! Her senior portrait session has been one of my favorites so far. 

To capture the outdoor life that Macy loves, we decided to start the session by shooting at a barn that her grandparents previously owned, where Macy grew up playing. It's in the beautiful rural community of Double Bayou with giant Oak trees and wide open ranch land. 

After shooting around the barn and chatting a bit with the current owner of the property, the man mentioned that he had an old pickup truck, and we could use it for the portraits if we like. So out came a green, two-tone old Chevy truck. Macy seemed to love it, so she she asked if we could take portraits in her prom dress with the truck. It's such a funny juxtaposition, but I think it made for some quite nice portraits that fit Macy's personality.

The second location we chose for Macy's portraits was Fort Anahuac Park. It's a big part of life for many people who live in Anahuac whether you fish, duck or gator hunt, or play softball or baseball. And of course, that's the location for Anahuac's big festival, Gatorfest. So even if you're not from Anahuac but live in the area, you may have visited the park at some point. We spent a half hour or so at the park shooting on the piers, near the water and against the tall reeds and marsh grass that grow along the levee. 

Before finishing the portrait session, Macy had one last request. Since she's a runner and competes in the hurdles, she wanted a few portraits at the track. So just after the sun had set, we setup lights and made the last two images in this blog of her at the track - crouched down at the starting line and with a hurdle. 

Looking forward to seeing what great plans God has in store for Macy's future as she nears graduation. Hope you enjoy these images as much I as enjoyed making them.



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