Baby blue eyes turns two - Children's portraits in White's Park, Chambers County

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Children's portraits in White's Park, Chambers County--

This sweet little face has probably become familiar to you if you keep up with the Nicki Evans Photography blog. Leyton is my best friend's baby (actually a two-year-old) who I've photographed since she was about six months old. She was also featured not too long after that when she and her family had portraits made for their Christmas cards and then again when she celebrated her first birthday with a fishing-themed party

Last month Leyton turned two and I haven't seen her since then. But I do have some adorable 18-month portraits that were taken in September, and I never got around to sharing them. For this portrait session, we wanted to take a few photos with some pumpkins since her family opened a pumpkin patch last fall in Arizona. Mom had also picked out a few more precious outfits that featured ruffles, bows, and of cowboy boots. 

Leyton wasn't too interested in having her portraits made this go around (as Katie had warned me), but with my quick photojournalism skills, a few good books and some Goldfish (the best snack ever invented), Leyton again made my job easy at making beautiful portraits. 

For a country girl, you can never go wrong with denim dresses and cowboy boots!

Can you tell where the Goldfish were snuck in? ;)

It happened to be quite warm and muggy the day of Leyton's session, so one of the family members shed mercy on us and brought everyone refreshing extra large sweet iced teas from McDonald's. Leyton must have been quenched too because she requested some of Mama's sweet tea. I think she asked for a "bite." Ha ha. Apparently she had never been blessed to have such a delicacy as Texas sweet tea before, and these two photos were her reaction to her first tastes. I think she liked it!!

After that, Leyton seemed like she was about done with photos. Then grandma handed her a little wildflower and this happened...can it get any more precious?

Yes it can! These two portraits may be some of my favorite portraits I've ever made. 

I once read another photographer's blog and it said something like, "Those eyelashes. They slay me." I thought it was kind of odd terminology, but it seems so fitting now. Oh my, those eyelashes!! At this point in the session we gave Leyton a break from all of her modeling. Her cousins were all in town the same weekend, so we gathered them for a few portraits as well.

I was talking to Katie not too long after the session, and told her that it's funny how you always hear people rave on and on about blue and green eyes. It's true, they are usually beautiful and grab your attention. But this baby girl, her niece, may have the most stunning brown eyes I've ever seen. 

I think someone may be raising an Aggie. I don't think he said, "Gig 'em," but coming from this family, I think I know what a thumbs up sign means. 

Aren't these kids all adorable? They were all so sweet and well mannered. Can't ask for much more as a photographer.

Of course, they had to play around a bit too...there quite a lot of personality going on here :) 



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