Coastal love - Galveston, TX engagement portraits

December 18, 2015  •  8 Comments

We're going to start this story from the end of the day, because...well, because this photo. That's why! Because this photo makes me smile every time I look at it. It has beautiful people, beautiful love and a beautiful setting. 

Okay, I guess we'll go back to the beginning, because, let's face it, all of these portraits are beautiful. I just hand to start this blog off with a bang.

Danielle and Kelvin are a wonderful couple I've known for a while now, and I was so honored when they selected me as their engagement portrait photographer. Danielle and I actually go back quite a few years, from the time we were fledgling reporters/interns/photographers/you-know-name-its at The Baytown Sun. We then joined forces again while working at the University of Houston, and I immediately began hearing lots of and lots of great things about this guy named Kelvin. And not too long later, there was a ring...a beautiful blue sapphire, and the rest is history.

As Kelvin is finishing up grad school, he and Danielle are making preparations for a New Year's Eve wedding to ring in 2017. And when you're getting married, you need some lovely engagement portraits, right?

On a steamy and sunny typical Texas summer afternoon, I met Kelvin and Danielle down at The Strand in Galveston for their engagement session. Since this session was in September, we were hoping for a touch of cooler weather. Not so much. These guys were troopers, smiling through the sweat. And luckily for both Danielle and I, her best friend joined us for the session to be the on-site makeup and hair touch-up artist. That's a must-have when the Texas humidity kills curls as soon as you step out of the car.

One day when Danielle and I were chatting at work, she mentioned that she and Kelvin liked to hang out at The Black Labrador in Houston. When I saw this red phone booth on The Strand, I knew we had to include it in a few portraits, because they have similar ones at The Black Lab. From there, we ventured around the area stopping for portraits here and there to capture the couple against a variety of great backdrops. 

After The Strand, we made our way down to Galveston Island State Park where there are long stretches of beach away from the more urban area you see on the seawall. The beach visit had its own natural elements to deal with...mosquitoes. I think there were more mosquitoes there than any place I've been in my entire life, and I was raised in the swamp. But alas, we survived the swarm, and God provided us with an incredible sunset in a whole palette of colors.

From the portraits, I don't think you can see the miserable heat or mosquitoes...just the love radiating through this happy couple. Congratulations Danielle and Kelvin!

To book your engagement portrait session, call Nicki at 409-267-1032 or email at

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Mind blowing photography work. I strongly recommend the awesome work as a novice photographer. Thanks for showing it to us.
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So sweet both of you.I like all of the images.Thank you so much for sharing with us
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Excellent photographs you have published Great thanks for this well-posting .
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You both are looking so beautiful together.Thanks for sharing with us
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Nice couple photographs.So beautiful.thanks for sharing this with us
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