A little about me...

On the left is a wedding portrait of my amazing husband Roddy and I, courtesy of GwyneMark Photography. On the right, fast forward two years later, that's me posing for head shots, courtesy of my friend and another wonderful photographer Sarah Williams (Silhouette Studio).

Roddy and I met on a balmy, Southeast Texas summer night at a concert in 2007, and we've been together ever since. Luckily, he takes great care of me and is super supportive of my photography career.

When I'm not playing photographer, Roddy and I enjoy being entertained by our rowdy dogs, wakeboarding or spending the day cruising around in my boat Geronimo, traveling and doing pretty much anything that lets us soak up some sun.

As for my start in photography...

For most of my life, I've had some type of camera in my hands. My first camera was a little pink and blue 110 film camera. I don't know the brand or anything specific about it, but I took pictures of all kinds of things. I remember specifically requesting that my mom take me to the drug store on Wednesdays to get my film developed, because that was the day you got double prints for free.

I became seriously interested in photography when I was 15. I asked for "big" camera for my birthday. I was referring to a film SLR camera, but I had no idea what an SLR was. I just knew I would be able to take really great photos with one of those "big" cameras. So, my parents took me to Wolf Camera, where I picked out a Canon Rebel 2000. Through trial-and-error, I began making a few good photos here and there.

After getting that camera, I joined the yearbook in high school. The yearbook work was what led me to a career in photography. From yearbook, I went to college to study photojournalism. In college, I worked on the school newspaper staff and shot football on Friday nights for a local paper. I got a summer internship which led to a job as the sole photographer for The Baytown Sun for about 4 years. I loved shooting photos of all kinds of people and events five days a week, but at the same time I realized the newspaper life wasn't one for me.

Somewhere along my photography journey, I began shooting portraits on the side of my various jobs and fell in love with that side of photography. After leaving my newspaper job, getting married and moving to East Texas, I began putting all my photography efforts into my portrait business. In November of 2012, Roddy accepted a new job in Houston, so we packed our bags and moved south.

Currently I continue my work as a photographer in Houston, both at the University of Houston's Bauer College of Business, as an event and portrait photographer, and for myself as a portrait photographer in both the retail and commercial worlds.